Over three years I wrote regular blog content for Bicester Villages' The Style Notes from quizzes to editorial pieces. I also did pieces for Nike and Lulu Lemon during this time. Please see some examples below. 



Spring is finally upon us. And with it, brighter mornings, fresh green shoots peppering bare branches, the ever-faithful daffodils and a desire to spring-clean and redecorate. We’re emerging from a long, grey winter and we are in need of some colour. Step aside heavy blankets and hygge filled sitting rooms, we’re looking for fresh, bright and airy. So shake off the gloom with four key trends that will have your home looking on-point before you can say ‘I’ll have a Pimms please’.
Green is back in all its glory and we’re all about bringing the outdoors in with tropical prints and houseplants. That is until it’s warm enough for us to spend all day outdoors, obviously. Statement lighting and contrasting textures add interest and that bespoke ‘collectors’ feel, whilst upholstered headboards are a quick and classy way to up the opulence factor in a bedroom. Read on for more!
And no, we don’t just mean the fiddle leaf fig kind. We mean Greenery, Pantone’s ‘fresh, zesty yellow-green’ colour of the year. Think freshly mown lawn (is there a more spring-like smell?), dimpled lime peel kissing the edge of your Margarita glass, lush palm leaves and crisply bitter green apples. Rejuvenating, bright, refreshing and new. If an eye-catching statement wall or a crushed velvet sofa is a bit too jungalow for you, try different tones of green, like adding emerald linen napkins to your dinner table or pairing palm print scatter cushions with crisp white bed linen. And of course, the humble houseplant is back in the spotlight so don’t forget to give them some TLC with a regular watering and a spot in the sun.

Well-curated textures are the key to sending an almost-there-room the glossy pages of your favourite magazine. Texture turns a room from something beautiful to behold to something enticing to experience, adding curiosity, interest and the undeniable, irresistible urge to reach out and touch everything. Swap out your traditional dining chairs for acrylic ones, and add cushions in bright, contrasting prints. Collect magazines in roughly hewn grass baskets or create a focal point in your bedroom with abaca side tables.

Geometric Lighting
If we’re honest we’ve seen one too many Edison Bulbs hanging from bistro ceilings and in the windows of our local coffee shops. Welcome to the classier, more arty option: Geometric Lighting. From warm metals like brass and copper to structured chandeliers, spring see’s lighting take on a sharper, more sophisticated look. Gone are the days of hiding your light bulb under a floral-print, frilly-bonnet shade. These days we’re all about strong lines, cage-like creations and hexagonal shapes. If you’re looking for an excuse to hang a geometric-inspired conversation-starter chandelier in your entrance hall, look no further. Statement lighting fixtures, just like first impressions, are everything.

Upholstered Headboards
You just have to spend a few minutes flipping through design magazines or perusing interior websites to know that this trend is on the up. Chic fabrics, iconic prints and unusual shapes are all big players in the bedroom this season. Choose a statement colour (we’d recommend green, obviously), pair it with an eclectic mix of linen in different textures – think roughly woven throws – and plush cushions and you’ve effortlessly combined three trends into one. Bedrooms are the centre of rest and relaxation and a luxuriously puckered headboard, or a simple wingback smacks of opulence and old-world charm.

Whether you’re going all-in and revamping everything from wallpaper to crockery, or just adding a few statement pieces to rejuvenate your space for the coming season, there’s something for every space and style this season.   


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